Friday, May 25, 2012

Catatan Dari Istanbul

Alhamdulilah dengan izinNya dan rezekiNya dapat saya pergi ziarah ke Istanbul & Jordan sebelum pergi ke Mekah/ Madinah untuk mengerjakan Umrah. Saya menggunakan sepenuhnya duit pelaburan hartanah yang saya dapat baru-baru ini untuk ziarah saya pada kali ini.

Saya sempat melihat harga2 hartanah di Istanbul yang menggunakan keluasan m2 (kita menggunakan psf). Susah juga nak convert m2 ke psf ni. Tetapi secara relatifnya, kalau dikirakan dengan gaji meraka dalam Lira, mungkin hartanah di sini masih affordable.

Foto - Masjid Sultan Suleiman

Monday, May 21, 2012

MBSB - Penyelesaian Masalah LTV 70%?

Ada yang mencadangkan kepada saya daripada "downgrade" kenapa tak apply MBSB untuk rumah ketiga? sebab masih boleh dapat margin 90%. Bagi sesiapa yang tak tau apa itu MBSB, ia adalah institusi kewangan juga, singkatan kepada Malaysia Building Society Berhad. Boleh layari untuk maklumat lebih lanjut.

Mula2 saya tak percaya MBSB masih boleh bagi loan 90% untuk rumah ketiga sehinggalah suatu hari ada my colleague berjaya mendapat loan 500k dengan margin 90% untuk rumah kelimanya. Saya baca terms and conditionnya semuanya OK kecuali satu benda yang saya tak berapa nak gemar melihatnya iaitu MBSB hanya offer BLR-1, berbeza dengan bank yang kebiasaannya bagi BLR-2.XX.

Memandangkan beliau sangat yakin dengan pembelian rumah itu, saya ia-kan shjlah. Lagipun dia tak pernah fail dalam pembelian rumah untuk investment ni.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dwiputra at Presint 15, Putrajaya by SPSetia

It has been a while since I first heard about this condo ( 1 or 2 years ago) and only now that SPSetia is going to launch it. The design was changed 360 degree from the previous one because SPSetia does not want it to be seen as another, nothing out of the ordinary Government quarters.

It looks good especially the swimming pool (so cool) and the car park. The location is also not bad as it’s near to Alamanda and Precint Diplomatic.

- Total unit = 880 (440 1st Phase + another 440 2nd Phase.
- Built up 950sqt (390k) & 1200 sqt (456k)
- Comprehensive Dual Facilities.
- 7% Bumi Discount + 3% rebate = min 351k (No Downpayment is needed, only 2k for booking)
- DIBS : no need to pay anything till completion.
- You can register for 30% CSRU allocation – min 292k via Kementerian but DIBS won’t apply for this unit.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Setia City Mall to open on Thursday 17 May 2012

I am really hoping that this Mall will be a success so that we have got a lot more opportunities to invest in Setia Alam...

Source - New Straits Time.

WEEKLY WINS: Setia City Mall opens its first phase to shoppers with exciting offers

Setia City Mall is a place for the community.

1 / 1AFTER starting construction in 2009, and with over six million man-hours worked, the first phase of Setia City Mall will be open to shoppers on Thursday.

A holistic lifestyle destination, the new mall includes a 4.2ha park, alfresco dining precinct, water jet plaza, children's play facilities and a huge range of leading local and international retailers.

Setia City Mall is located in Setia Alam, Shah Alam, just off the NKVE.

To celebrate the opening, Setia City Mall is giving shoppers the chance to win one of four weekly prize packs and a shopping spree at the mall worth RM25,000 when they spend over RM150.

The weekly prize draws will culminate with the shopping spree being awarded on June 23, to coincide with the grand launch of the mall.

Setia City Mall is anchored by a 10,800sq m Parkson department store, Fitness First, Harvey Norman, MPH Bookstore, Daiso, Courts and the first Urbanfresh supermarket.

In addition, Golden Screen Cinemas and Wangsa Bowl will be opening later next month

Fashion retailers include Uniqlo, Zara, Guess, Esprit, La Senza, ALDO, Nichii, Padini Concept Store, F.O.S and Brands Outlet.

Dining retailers include Delicious, Sakura Kristal, TGI Friday's, Starbucks, Carl's Jnr, Subway, Sushi Tei, McDonalds, KFC, Pappa Rich and Dragon-i.

Other retailers at the mall include Machines,, The Body Shop, Caring Pharmacy, Pandora and Royal Selangor.

Commenting on the opening, Setia City Mall's development director Robert Spinks said: "From the outset, Setia City Mall has been designed to be a destination for all and a place that meets the changing needs and heightened expectations of shoppers.

"From the easy access and simple design of the car park, to an excellent range of local and international retailers, Setia City Mall is a great place to escape, close to home."

Setia City Mall's general manager Philippa Holmes added: "We are beyond excited to welcome shoppers on Thursday.

Setia City Mall is a destination for the community, a place where people can spend time with family and friends, shop, dine, play and be entertained."

Setia City Mall is also an environmentally responsible place to shop, having provisionally achieved Singapore's Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Gold Award, the first mall in Malaysia to receive such an accolade.

Key green initiatives include a high efficiency air-conditioning system, implementation of an integrated building energy management system, natural daylight in the mall concourse and car park areas and energy efficient escalators and lifts.

A joint venture between S P Setia and the Asian Retail Investment Fund, a wholesale fund managed by global property and infrastructure group, Lend Lease, the mall has been built using a mix of exceptional local knowledge and best international practices.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seri Jati Seri Baiduri, Setia Alam - Ready For Balloting?

Hari ini pergi tengok unit-unit balloting bagi Seri Jati / Seri Baiduri Setia Alam. Tengok unit-unit yang tertera kat bawah ni boleh jadi pening nampaknya. 1st choice, 2nd choice, nak pilih macamana ni? ground rules jangan pilih tingkat 5 ke atas block yg atas facing north sebab ada cemetery kat utara tu.

Nampaknya macam dah ready untuk letak sticker bagi mereka2 yang nak pergi balotting. SAWC tu terlalu kecik untuk cater 10k orang for the balloting. Mengikut kenyataan SA tu balloting mungkin bulan 6 atau 7.
SA ada juga bagitau:

a) Harga mungkin naik mengikut harga pasaran!
b) Bumi may be ada kuota 50-50
c) Setiap tingkat akan naik RM500 (mungkin tingkat 5 ke atas)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Short Term Flipping Criteria No 2 - Paper Gain

My very own definition of short term flipping is when you buy a new property from a developer with the aim of selling it for a quick gain, from the moment of MOT is executed till latest, one year upon the VP date. Again I have to stress here that this is only applicable at least on me, for a new development, not for a sub-sale transaction. It appears to be very aggressive right? Trust me that this can be achieved, think on a positive and open mindset. It has worked for me and I believe it will work for all property investor.

I have mentioned earlier for not disclosing my first criteria in writing or in this blog, but you can ask verbally when you see and call me one fine day later. So happen that I have read a forum created by a writer “23 properties by 30” and this issue has been mentioned many times and I feel so thwarted when thinking about it.

So back to my criteria No 2, it’s all about PAPER GAIN (PG) or some people called it PAPER PROFIT. I have got this definition that PG is a gain on an investment that has not yet been realized. In Property Investment context, it’s the increased market value of a property compared with its cost of acquisition.

Am I dreaming? No real money as if like I had got it already. Negative mindset will think this way and cynical people will tell you that you’re daydreaming! I read and analyze them all, good and mostly bad in the property forums. Why PG is so vital? Virtually, it will give clear indicator of the property market value. It may not be real or the actual transacted price is lower, but it will provide the first indicator for bank valuation.

The main question here, how to achieve high PG? It’s so easy sometimes like what I observed based on my previous purchases below.
a) After analyzing the location location location and actual site, always set in your mindset to buy the earlier or middle phases. For landed property I will only go for FREEHOLD. One example I bought 1st Phase Anjung Sari Setia Alam at RM498k, end of year 2010. During that time the SA mentioned that there will be an increment of 60k for the 2nd phase (with additional build-up 100sqt only). At that moment I knew already PG already increased by 60k. When developer launch the 3rd phase at 750k (different design but build up is about the same). Nah you got it, on paper the PG increased by 250k. And now in, theye're mostly advertised at 800k and from the forecast, it can reach to 1mil mark by mid of next year. I am the type of conservative, thinking that it can only be sold at the maximum 750k. With this selling price, easily I can obtain a gross profit of 250k.
b) What happen if I didn’t manage to sell the house? I still have an option to refinance at 750k (conservative market value) and get cash 250k. And yes, I have to manage effectively my commitment as well.

* In this circumstance (a & b) for short term flipping, in my opinion Seri Jati/ Baiduri Setia Alam is a better bet than Seri Melur Bangi.

c) If you know something big is going to happen, that’s a good sign already. One example for Alam Impian township, you can compare the property price before and after the opening of LKSA highway. I did try to buy one (Canting at 370K) but did not manage to get a unit after queuing for soooo long. I feel so regret to see the Canting price now at min ~RM550k

What happen if it’s a boutique development? like Nadayu 92? In this situation you have to do more detail study. What is going to happen in the future (on the VP date)? like is there a new highway? at the MRT links? New College/University? Shopping Complex? or you anticipate shortage of houses?

I think it become a long winded in my writing now and better for me to stop, or else it’s going to be a tedious length, like writing a book….