Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ayu Impian, Setia Alam Launching Date - 14 July 2012

The launching date of the last piece of Ayu series called Ayu Impian is likely to get delayed again. The launch attempt were postponed several times, the last I heard was on the 24/06 and now move to 14/07. It will be moved again to after raya if they could not get the adv permit. Being one of the state government link company, I believe they are not so "daring" like other private developers who merely collect the booking fees during soft launch and offering such a good deals eg early bird discount, free legal fees etc. Then the real launch could be the next 3 mths (or more) upon getting approval from the relevant authority.

Click this link if you're interested to see the show house.

One of my blog readers e-mailed me, mentioning about the correct price. It should be 548k and not the price stated 564k, earlier in this blog. I will be very very happy if it's true (pray hard for it)! however it's too good to be true. I believe he's confused with the poster above. I did ask PKNS earlier (last April 2012) about the printed price on the poster and they explained about the confusion as it was printed before they finalized the price.

Monday, June 25, 2012

DwiPutra Presint 15, Putrajaya by SP Setia

Right now I'm still contemplating whether or not to get DwiPutra. I break down the pros and cons of buying it but nothing really suites with my investment strategy. The fact the I kind of like it, one of its type in Putrajaya make me difficult not to think about it, at least every hour (every sec?) for now. Furthermore I have my own "creative" exit strategy for this development (should I buy a unit).

I have bought Seri Jati & plan for the next Ayu Series - Ayu Impian and left one more quota for this year. My aim is to buy 3 houses this year upon selling all (except one for own stay) my current investment poftfolios this year.

No more 3% early bird meaning that I have to fork out 3% plus 2k booking fees. The rest I can sleep happier waiting for the price to increase in the next 3 years. My wild target is to fetch at least RM500psf for this dwiputra.

Looking at the sales chart, the bestest units, No 5 are all GONE, then to the next best unit No 2 & No 3. If I were to buy definitely I will wait for a return unit from those whose could not secure a loan!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unit Selection - Seri Jati Seri Baiduri Setia Alam

No suprises...and as expected, 90% of Baiduri has GONE during my session, except for some unwanted units at Block 2 (South) & Block 3 (North). Baiduri in my opinion is more fit for my flipping strategy as compare to Jati. It's a low density development, make it more suitable place to stay and furthermore it's just a walking distance to the future commercial area. Jati on the other hand is good due to its price and also for rental yield.

My only option at that moment was for a good Jati unit. My consideration is only for high floor in Block 1 & Block 2 as they are nearer to the guardhouse, facing SOUTH avoiding the cemetery view and also unit facing/nearer to the swimming pool. Well, the corner units were also all taken, leaving unit no 6 for Block 2 and no 3 for Block 1 for me to choose. There're also some unit next to corner available - no 7 (Block 2) or no 2 (Block), however is a NO-NO as it has stair infront of the unit.

OMG..I was sweating at that point in time, only to know that I have got only 3 units to choose (meeting my criteria above) and there are 10 peoples in front of me. Alhamdulillah they choose a different unit and I managed to get mine finally!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Balloting Result - Seri Jati Seri Baiduri Setia Alam

At the end of the registration date 17/06/2012, a total of 7k++ bank draft had been submitted with bumi total only 450++. Only 1300 unit are available for public as another 368 unit have been reserved for SP Setia Staff. Poor response from bumis meaning to say that all registered bumi could secure a unit. Non-bumi will obtain the remaining 200 bumi allocation. If I am not mistaken, it's the same situation also for Akasia last time (which has got no good response from bumi). The 800sqt walk up apartment (Akasia) price was around 100k (plus compulsory upgrade option) and now selling as high as 180k-190k (source

Balloting was conducted on the 09/06/2012 (Saturday), commenced 9.00am at Setia Alam Welcome Center. I did not come at the balloting session and only received sms at around 3.15pm. I can feel my heart has been beating so fast and hard, to see my number is 500+. I would expect I would be very lucky to get 200-300 out of the maximum 950 for bumi, but SYUKRAN...! it's fated for me.

The hardest part comes now and I'll have to select my unit on the 16/06/2012 at 6pm. It's a bit tricky as I heard that all the FS bestest block (3 - Jati) & (4 - Baiduri) are reserved for staff. Looking at my so-so number, I don't think I can get corner or 8th floor or unit no 8. However there's a possibility for me to obtain a facing south unit

Hmm...could not wait for this Saturday. Looking at my number, I could expect what the best I could choose for Baiduri and my calculation would never go wrong. Thus I might opt for a good Jati unit instead.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Price Confirmed - Ayu Impian, Setia Alam

It's confirmed now that the price is RM564,888 and really, it's beyond my expectation. I was hoping that the figure could be around 520k - 550k but it turns out not to be. I heard that the plan is to launch it on the 23rd of June pending for adv permit approval.

So now it's a GO or NO GO?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Selamat Pulang ke Malaysia

Alhamdulillah saya selamat tiba di bumi bertuah ini malam tadi. Rasa sayu, pilu dan terlalu sebak sewaktu hari terakhir meninggalkan tanah haram itu. Masih merindukan Kaabah sampai saat ini. Memang rindu serindu-rindunya. Di sanalah tempatnya kita lupakan hal dunia (termasuk dunia blogging hartanah) dan tempat kita beribadah 500%. I will come again one day!

Banyak juga perkara-perkara buruk yang berlaku semasa ziarah kali ini mengingatkan diri ini agar tidak megah atau sombong diri. Kita ini sama disisiNya, tidak kira miskin, kaya, pelabur hartanah mewah atau pelabur hartanah kecil-kecilan yang baru nak berjinak-jinak dalam dunia risiko ini.

Rasa tersentap juga bila ada sekali tourist guide menyentuh berkenaan riba dalam membeli hartanah. Katanya dia menyewa sahaja di Istanbul sebab tak nak terlanjur dengan riba. Saya memang berjanji pada diri-sendiri sejak saat itu hanya untuk consider islamic loan. Biarlah orang kata kat belakang islamic loan negara kita tidak betul-betul islamic dan fund islamic bercampur-campur dengan fund conventional. Lagipun kalau kita dah start was-was semua benda akan menjadi haram. Wallahualam.

Saya berdoa di depan Kaabah jika halal duit saya tunjukkanlah jalannya, jika haram juga tunjukanlah dengan tanda yang jelas...

Sekadar berkongsi beberapa foto semasa ziarah ke Jordan

Laut Mati, Jordan

Ashabul Kahfi, Jordan