Monday, June 25, 2012

DwiPutra Presint 15, Putrajaya by SP Setia

Right now I'm still contemplating whether or not to get DwiPutra. I break down the pros and cons of buying it but nothing really suites with my investment strategy. The fact the I kind of like it, one of its type in Putrajaya make me difficult not to think about it, at least every hour (every sec?) for now. Furthermore I have my own "creative" exit strategy for this development (should I buy a unit).

I have bought Seri Jati & plan for the next Ayu Series - Ayu Impian and left one more quota for this year. My aim is to buy 3 houses this year upon selling all (except one for own stay) my current investment poftfolios this year.

No more 3% early bird meaning that I have to fork out 3% plus 2k booking fees. The rest I can sleep happier waiting for the price to increase in the next 3 years. My wild target is to fetch at least RM500psf for this dwiputra.

Looking at the sales chart, the bestest units, No 5 are all GONE, then to the next best unit No 2 & No 3. If I were to buy definitely I will wait for a return unit from those whose could not secure a loan!


Matjoe said...

I get the invite to the launch on 16th. But tak pegi. donno how to fork out the 30%. Developer mmg chun but location wise vs price mcm agak tinggi. So tahniah dpt beli seri jati

Anonymous said...


I too am interested in buying a high rise property like this Dwiputra Residency. Having said that, I would like to ask you a few questions:

1) Care to share your "creative" exit strategy should you buy this unit?

2)How do you buy 3 houses and still be able to fork out 30% downpayment for the 3rd property?

3)What is the current price per sqft for Dwiputra?

4)Why do you say No 5 are the bestest units?

Thank you very much in advance.

-Saya budak baru belajar-

dzirhans said...

Mat Joe.. SPS already included the progressive in the price..tu yg jadi mahai


2) I submitted 3 loan application at 3 different bank simultaneously

3) Depending on which level u choose...avg 4XX psf

4) No 5 is a corner unit for 950sqt facing the pool

Anonymous said..., wats the end of the story - beli tak? m also looking at Dwiputra ni..

dzirhans said...

may I know your exit strategy?