Monday, June 11, 2012

Price Confirmed - Ayu Impian, Setia Alam

It's confirmed now that the price is RM564,888 and really, it's beyond my expectation. I was hoping that the figure could be around 520k - 550k but it turns out not to be. I heard that the plan is to launch it on the 23rd of June pending for adv permit approval.

So now it's a GO or NO GO?


Anonymous said...

Any latest news on the launch date?

hamzi Mg said...

i'm also interested to buy this house. agreed the price is quite higher than prevoius phase. if considered thr bumi disc 7%. can still make profit ? n whats is the selling price could be? i'm plan to sell it once completed. sorry newbies first house

dzirhans said...

Bro Hamzi,

Try to get another 5% govt discount. You can join name with your parents/siblings..

It can go up to max 580-600k upon completed...but if you hold then surely it will be more than that..