Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unit Selection - Seri Jati Seri Baiduri Setia Alam

No suprises...and as expected, 90% of Baiduri has GONE during my session, except for some unwanted units at Block 2 (South) & Block 3 (North). Baiduri in my opinion is more fit for my flipping strategy as compare to Jati. It's a low density development, make it more suitable place to stay and furthermore it's just a walking distance to the future commercial area. Jati on the other hand is good due to its price and also for rental yield.

My only option at that moment was for a good Jati unit. My consideration is only for high floor in Block 1 & Block 2 as they are nearer to the guardhouse, facing SOUTH avoiding the cemetery view and also unit facing/nearer to the swimming pool. Well, the corner units were also all taken, leaving unit no 6 for Block 2 and no 3 for Block 1 for me to choose. There're also some unit next to corner available - no 7 (Block 2) or no 2 (Block), however is a NO-NO as it has stair infront of the unit.

OMG..I was sweating at that point in time, only to know that I have got only 3 units to choose (meeting my criteria above) and there are 10 peoples in front of me. Alhamdulillah they choose a different unit and I managed to get mine finally!


Anonymous said...

can ask few question regarding seri baiduri as follows:-
1. is this low medium apartment or high end apartment?
2. where is it located? near by tesco & giant sri alam?
3. How much is price? are still available for booking?

thank u in advance.

sMg a.k.a suhaibahghazali@yahoo.comsecis

dzirhans said...

1. Medium/ Medium Low
2. Near SCM..around 2km north
3. 205k b4 bumi.....u can check with SPS 4 available unit..

Anonymous said...

Block 3 facing north units were unwanted because facing the cemetery,but what's the reason for block 2 facing south for sri baiduri?

dzirhans said...

I dun want to look bad .. But I guess its a surau there..