Monday, September 10, 2012

Budget 2013 - Property Sector

Budget 2013 this year will be tabled on the 28 Sept 2012 by PM and we will see more measures to be put in place controlling the soaring prices in the property sector. It was mentioned many times also in other blogs that the new fiscal policies may be introduced in this year budget.

As an investor, these are the areas that I would like to know more and eagerly wait for the news:
a) Increase RGPT? Currently 10% based on net for property purchased less than 2 years.
b) Tighter the LTV ratio? Currently 70% for 3rd property.
c) Higher BLR?
d) Increase Foreign Purchase Limit?
e) Built more PR1MA house.


Halif Mohamad said...

Tak sabar nak tunggu pilihanraya jugak.

dzirhans said...

Org gomen takkan tak dgr rumours bila nak election?

Nadot said...

dengar awal tahun depan byk sgt rumours tatau mane yg betul...
takut plak nak dgr belanjawan... ;)

dzirhans said...

Kita tunggu depan TV 28hb ni