Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seri Intan Seri Kasturi Setia Alam - Ready for Balloting

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The previous launch of Seri Jati/ Baiduri (SJB) was so successful that it was completely sold out during an oversubscribed balloting exercise. It has recorded a final mark of 7k++ people who registered for 1300 unit allocated for public (oversubscribed by more than 5.5 times) and have paid a RM5k bank-draft deposit to secure a unit for SJB.
The phase 2 of SJB will be tentatively launched in October/or November 2012. I could see the registration’s book today has reached to 10,000 million registrants, signaling yet another sell-out success for these affordable homes. I would expect again all the units will be snapped up within the balloting process days.

This new project called Seri Intan/ Kasturi (SIK) and below are the details, based on the latest information given by the SA this morning:

Seri Intan
a) BU: around 830sf (Seri Jati 802sf)
b) Price: tentatively from RM185,000 @~223psf (~Seri Jati 212psf)
c) Additional info: 10 story with lifts, 2 carparks allocated per unit
d) Density: 800 units (16 units per floor x 10 floors x 5 blocks) (Seri Jati 6 blocks)

Seri Kasturi
a) BU: around 950sf (Seri Baiduri 926sf)
b) Price: tentatively from RM247,000 @~263psf (~Seri Baiduri 238psf)
c) Additional info: 10 storey with lifts, 2 carparks allocated per unit
d) Density: 640 units (16 units per floor x 10 floors x 4 blocks)

** there's a BALCONY for Seri Kasturi and it would be nice if one can grab a unit facing south to an Urban Park.

** based on the previous launch, I reckon that 1 block for each SIK will be reserved for staff, meaning the total of balance 1100 units are available for public balloting.

Some Pictures of SIK

 The actual site of SIK next to SJB

The facade of Seri Kasturi - much-much better than Seri Intan

Seri Kasturi - Site Layout & Floor Plan

Seri Intan

Seri Kasturi - Floor Plan


Matjoe said...

kalau lahh ada banyak peluru. mmg best laa kalau dapat convince wife untuk beli... huhu

dzirhans said...

Mat Joe,

Macamana nak tambahkan peluru tu? JV? Guna Penjamin?

aku abdul said...


Unit ini masih boleh dibeli?


dzirhans said...


Unit-unit masih belum dilancarkan.

Kalau nak beli kena register dekat SAWC araupun telefon shj SP Setia.


powercube said...

Dasyat la sbb registration dah 10000 million/ juta. 10K je kot?

dzirhans said...

Tq tuan, nanti saya perbetuli..!

Axworld Azzumie said...

Developer should at least save a few slots to 1st time house buyers. If all were conquered by agents n those who're just buying it for the sake of investments, how do we 1st time house buyers can manage to buy a house nowadays?

dzirhans said...

It's a very good idea.. you may want to suggest it to the right authority or the developer itself.

Optimum Energy said...

dzirhans, luckily saya dpt satu kasturi..which bank offers the best loan package? aprreciate ur prompt feedback.

btw, this blog is very useful for property finder :)thanks!