Sunday, November 11, 2012

Points To Note - Seri Intan Seri Kasturi Setia Alam Registration

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I reached the LCCT Airport very early in the morning today and really feel I am back to where is belongs *Malaysia, the best country in the world.

I left my blog for 6 days (with 3 scheduled postings) and truly I missed it (to write) while in HK. And it has come to my attention today that this posting has reached >5k pageviews, almost double the number of the pageviewers for this posting. For an amatur blogger with free url - blogspot, the number seems very high for me!

I would imagine that it could be due to the sms received by all the potential Seri Intan Seri Kasturi, Setia Alam purchasers last week for the balloting registration, commencing from 08/11 till 16/11. You have to bring the your/ or the purchaser (to buy behalf) i/c copy and RM5k BANK DRAFT pay to Bandar Setia Alam Sdn Bhd. 1 name can ONLY register for 1 bank draft.

Another reason could be from the backlink of this handsome guy and his FB. Millions thank to him and you can also read the whole balloting process written in his blog.

My heart always says YES please..please...please...go and buy but my brain said is a NO GO and please reserve my last 90% bullet to another house next year. Thus I will give it a pass this time around.

I have purchased the apartment from the previous phase and would like to share some of the information with you readers and I hope they can help you to decide whether or not, to ballot for this apartmen (you might need to double check with SP Setia on the Points To Note below). I will write again later in another entry on what to expect during the balloting process.

a) To Transfer Name in SPA - it's not allowed but you can add names later in the SPA. The name for loan could be the additional name later.

b) Block 1 & 4 (Seri Kasturi) and Block 3 (Seri Intan) are reserved for SP Setia staff (see below). So in total 960 units are available for public balloting. You need to obtain the first *75 minus (8 units ground floor) lucky number in order to get the bestest unit of Seri Kasturi facing an urban park (and also further, the future Setia Taipan). The higher floor for Seri Intan (2 blocks facing North) will be the last to be selected as they're possibility for the unit directly facing the grave area.

c) Based on the previous balloting, I would imagine that Seri Kasturi (with balcony) will be selected first among the lucky buyers and your number must be less than *250 to secure a good public unit for Seri Kasturi. The corner units will always be the prefered choice!

d) Seri Kasturi is best fits for capital appreciation as well as for own-stay. Seri Intan is more for rental income because it's cheaper and due to the fact that there's no more next phase for the Seri Intan type.

e) The maintenance fee is approximately RM150 per mth.

f) MBSB is not a panel so be prepared to fork out 30% downpayment should this is going to be your 3rd houses (subject to LTV 70%).

g) SPA price is after bumi discount, it's not-negotiable last time - be prepared with your downpayment

h) The same lawyer for bank and developer.

i) No discount, No DIBS - be prepared for the progressive interest.

j) There's no bumi lot title for this apartment, thus if the bumi registration could not make up the 50%, it will then be sold to non-bumi.

k) As far as I know, the best rate from the previous phase was BLR-2.4.


Nadot said...

tq for this entry abg east! sedey sedey... ;p

dzirhans said...

Takpe kumbang bukan seekor, byk lagi yg lagi murah dan ensem nanti..!

nana kaka said...

Tak paham yang ni *75 minus 8 units ground floor

dzirhans said...

Block 2 available for Kasturi = 150. Hanya 1/2 yg facing south/ urban park = 75.

1 row yg facing urban park = 8 units.

Kena minus ground floor sebab biasa org x suka duduk bwh sekali.

So tinggal 75 - 8 = 67 good unit shj.

Assuming xde 4th floor (ganti dgn 3A).

ruchan said...

wahh. ada org share notes di atas kt LYN

dzirhans said...

Rezeki tu..sbb beberapa hari ni trafik masuk mencanak2 naik

ruchan said...

btw bila nak buat buku? blog ni sesuai di buku kan.blom lg ada blog di mesia yg dedicate dgn activity flipping ni...

dzirhans said...

Ada dlm perancangan 1st Qtr 2013.

Now tgh sibuk dgn preparation pindah rumah berbayar .com

maya comel said...

Salam semua,

Sape2 buyer Intan/Kasturi yang nak apply loan RHB -2.3% bagitau ye...