Friday, November 30, 2012

Setia Eco Hill, Semenyih - Site Clearing

I have received these pictures from Mr Jazz (a property investor to be!).
- you can see below the progress of Setia Eco Hill project.
- direct Access to LEKAS highway...shall be completed in 2 years++ time?

- btw Mah Sing also plans to build a direct access from Southville City to PLUS highway.

- compare to LEKAS, can I say exit to PLUS highway is better?

Construction and Completion of Site Clearance

Elevated Land - plus++ point


faizal said...

Yup.... Connection to plus highway is better... But what u think about.... Mah sing project... It is located at malay area... No chinese school... Chinese restaurant... how much target CA....

dzirhans said...

the problem with Southville City is the price..can it appreciate further? Mah Sing could not sell it cheaper because the land price is already on the high side..

I vested in Alam Sari(Malay Area) before and it fetched > 100k also..

I heard Seri Bangi Bangi also appreciates a lot

xenogearz said...

Yes, Seri Bangi houses have appreciated quite a lot. The price for intermediate lot was RM297k (Phase 2) but now, the subsale price is around RM580k! Almost double the original price.