Thursday, November 22, 2012

What to Expect During Unit Selection

Congratulations for those who are successful in the balloting. For those who unsuccessful or miss the boat this time, the will be another round of balloting for Seri Mutiara (another Seri Baiduri/ Seri Kasturi type). But for sure the price will increase!

The unit selection will be conducted in batches following to the ballot number sequence:

For example on the 24/11/2012
1. Ballot No 1 - 120 ....8 am sharp
2. Ballot No 121 - 240 ....10 am
3. Ballot No 241 - 300 ....12 pm

Except for the 1st session, it is advisable for you to come early (1- 2 hrs before) to see the available units prior to your session.

SPS will suggest for you to select 20 prefered units but I think it depends on your balloting number. If your number is 160, I would suggest for you to list down 40 best units because there will be 39 buyers in front of you (in your session) and there're possibility also they opt for the same units. You will be all sweating should you realize that all your best and prefered units taken..that's why you must have as many units in your list.

There will be real time screens and you can always check your units real time while queuing.

Upon selection, I strongly suggest that you meet your preferred panel bank because each bank has their own quota (Refer to this ENTRY). Prepare also your complete documents for loan application (Refer to this LINK for loan documentation).


desmondkun said...

Hi, would the unit selection based on your ballot number? Like if I am no. 19. Will they follow that number? or I need to que with 120 ppl in my session? Thanks.

dzirhans said...

Yes, they will follow the number in sequence..

desmondkun said...

thanks for the info!. Guess no need to be there at crazy early.

dzirhans said...

Not required for the 1st batch

maya comel said...

Salam semua,

Sape2 buyer Intan/Kasturi yang nak apply loan RHB -2.3% bagitau ye...