Sunday, December 2, 2012

Setia Eco Hill Semenyih - SPS reveals the Master Plan

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This is what we are waiting for....finally SP Setia reveals on the town planning for the Setia Eco Hill project in Semenyih.

By looking at the master plan, ~700 acres in my opinion, is actually quite a small township (definitely not as big as Setia Alam). And this could be one of the vital the reason that SPS is now working very hard to acquire another piece of land nearby, called Eco Mas (~1000 acres).

From the master plan also I could see Eco Hill will be divided into 3 precinct (they name it precinct again, like Setia Alam). There are some plot reserved for schools, unfortunately I could not see any, reserved for Shopping Complex (no future Setia City Mall in Semenyih?).

a) Presint 2 & 3 - Bungalow & Semi-D and Superlink (may be around ~70% of the whole township). I wish that I could secure one semi D unit for investment, targetting for upgraders. There will be a club house too, to be built here.

b) Only 1 pocket of superlink houses across the LEKAS highway.

Million thanks to the SPS staff working on this project, they are very friendly and quite helpful answering all my questions. Btw, currently not much details I could gather, on these Precinct 2 & 3(semi-D/ Bungalow - e.g. information like the sizes, price and also the launch date).

c) All the double storey houses (other than superlinks) and apartments are to be built at Precinct 1. You can see below there're 4 pockets. Based on the information given by the SA:, they are all guarded only (not gated).

a) The 1st pocket (nearest to exit, after TESCO Semenyih) is 20 x 65, going to be launched in April 2013 at ~380k

b) The 2nd & 3rd pocket are 20 x 70. You can see one roundabout there, (near to the 3rd pocket) is a direct access the LEKAS highway (around 1 km to Semenyih exit)

c) The last piece of the plot is 22 x 75.

d) You can see the canal walk at each pocket (see below). Surely people die-die will choose units next to this canal walk first.

e) The 22 x 75 is to be built next to the lake (recreation park), reason for the houses to command a higher price.


faizal said...

The land at the eastern side of clubhouse / precinct 3. across the road if im not mistaken is belong to this dev... But why sp setia did show anything

dzirhans said...

I am not aware on the land at the eastern side. Definitely you know better than me!

However I did ask the SA about the whole development (I would imagine the township should be bigger) and he confirmed that the masterplan covers the whole Eco Hill.

faizal said...

Hehe for sure u know better sifu.... I just compare the shape of the land shown in ho chin soon map..

Tq for the info.... have to visit sa already

I read from SARA... SP Setia announce they won the court case on setia emas but d selling price will go up to rm9 psqft

dzirhans said...


Good info from SARA.

I have never been to this place.

If you have more/ latest info, may be you could share them here :-)

Matjoe said...

fuu, latest development by SP Setia. Nmpk gempak seh

khairul fauzee said...

fuhh. cepat laaa siap...moga jajahan aku kena tempias nyee.....

dzirhans said...

Ni high range like Eco Park

dzirhans said...

Tempias tetap acces tu semua org boleh guna

xenogearz said...

tuan dzirhans, for flipping purposes, is it better to buy the 20x65 terrace houses (1st pocket) or wait for the 1st phase of semi-D launch?

dzirhans said...

U shud grab both should u have enough bullet.

For investment, I think semi D is better ..

Raja Noor Izzuddin said...

Thank you Dzirhans for the fantastic information. Southern KL areas such as Kajang and Semenyih will booming with the arrival of phenomenal developer like SP Setia. Soon! :)

minni said...

where do u view the project as in the pics? would like to hv a look too :D

dzirhans said...

you have to go to SACC Setia Alam..

Nadot said...

waahh..bestnyaaa..maju dah kampung saya ni... haapla lepas habis belajar yang agaknya 4 tahun lagi, mampu beli satu kat least apartmentnya ..hehe

p/s: tp nape takde shopping maal cam kat setia alam..haiishh