Sunday, August 18, 2013

Setia Eco Hill

Good News for those interested in this project that you have now less *one* competitor for this project. I am officially OUT of the

I have been waiting for so long (since January) and am tired of being told about the deferment from March to June..July and now September. I have vested so much interest and I can honestly say there's nothing I don't like about SEH esp the semi-D (GnG), landed (township) at KV, freehold, price and SPS factor.

With my limited quota/ bullet, I ended up buying ELMINA - Regia.

I went to SAWC last 3 weeks and for the 1st time, I did not go upstairs asking Chris Choy about this project. It's not because that I feel dissapointed but there's no more question to

Everybody knows that the price has increased:

a) 20 x 65 starting from RM400K (Terrace)
b) 20 x 70 starting from RM450K (Terrace)
c) 36 x 78 starting from RM700K (Semi-D Cluster)
d) 42 x 80 starting from RM800K (Semi-D)

I hope that the September launching is REAL as it's mentioned in Setia Today - SPS Advertising Material. The not so good news is that... it's also mentioning "Watch out for upcoming launches of cluster semi-Ds (36 x 78) and link houses (20 x 65) in September 2013!" ....hmm no more 20 x70 and Semi-D for the 1st phase??

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bandar Ainsdale, Mekar, Sime Darby, Seremban

Received 2 sms today...

RM0.00 Sime Darby Property PRIME: You're invited to the soft launch of Mekar 20'x70' DSLH on Fri. 16/8 @ Bdr. Ainsdale Gallery, KM5 Jln Labu, S'ban 2.30-5.30pm

RM0.00 Sime Darby Property: Sales of Mekar is on 1st-come-1st-serve basis. Bring RM5K bank draft & proof of invitation email/SMS. Call 067652888

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Seri Mutiara, Setia Alam, SP Setia

You can refer at this ENTRY for the latest update.
Seri Mutiara Setia Alam

This is going to be the last series of SERI Apartmen in Setia Alam. It's called Seri Mutiara - one of the most awaiting launching of the medium cost apartmen for this year. The previous launches of Seri Jati/ Baiduri and Seri Intan/ Kasturi were Super Duper "BUY BUY BUY" that more than 2 thousand of units were completely sold out during the balloting exercise.

6 Blocks

What could be the catalyst for the BBB again this time around? I believe the Setia Alam brand/township speaks by itself. Another factor could be the reasonable price. You tell me where else to get an apartment with less than RM300psf (latest info - price 244k - 249k) from a reputable developer, non other than SP Setia. There's more criteria to judging (you find yourself?) whether this Seri Mutiara is really worth buying?

If you missed the previous ballot, this is going to be your last chance to own SERI apartmen. Before I delve more into to this topic, let me share some information (given by the SA today) pertaining to the Seri Mutiara launching, tentatively before end of this year.

Project Details:
a) Launch Date : October 2013 (tentative)
b) Price : 260k - 280k (tentative)
c) 3 rooms 2 bathrooms (no balcony)
d) Built up area - 938sq ft
e) Number of Units : 960
f) Number of Blocks : 6
g) Number of units per level : 12
h) 2 parking available for each unit.

Site Layout Plan