Sunday, August 18, 2013

Setia Eco Hill

Good News for those interested in this project that you have now less *one* competitor for this project. I am officially OUT of the

I have been waiting for so long (since January) and am tired of being told about the deferment from March to June..July and now September. I have vested so much interest and I can honestly say there's nothing I don't like about SEH esp the semi-D (GnG), landed (township) at KV, freehold, price and SPS factor.

With my limited quota/ bullet, I ended up buying ELMINA - Regia.

I went to SAWC last 3 weeks and for the 1st time, I did not go upstairs asking Chris Choy about this project. It's not because that I feel dissapointed but there's no more question to

Everybody knows that the price has increased:

a) 20 x 65 starting from RM400K (Terrace)
b) 20 x 70 starting from RM450K (Terrace)
c) 36 x 78 starting from RM700K (Semi-D Cluster)
d) 42 x 80 starting from RM800K (Semi-D)

I hope that the September launching is REAL as it's mentioned in Setia Today - SPS Advertising Material. The not so good news is that... it's also mentioning "Watch out for upcoming launches of cluster semi-Ds (36 x 78) and link houses (20 x 65) in September 2013!" ....hmm no more 20 x70 and Semi-D for the 1st phase??


YangMulia Nmsyahreman said...

Semi D ade kosong lg x?

dzirhans said...

Sure ada but very competitive..