Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seri Mutiara - Need For Information

When I wrote about the project HERE, I was quite surprised by some of the questions that were asked. There were a lot more unexpected question than I would have thought. It made me think that may be there's something that I seems like SPS agent....Am I?

I have purchased the apartment from the previous phase and would like to share some of the information with you readers. You might also need to double check with SP Setia.

a) To Transfer Name in SPA - it's not allowed but you can add names later in the SPA. The name for loan could be the additional name .

b) Out of 676 units, only 330 units (block 3, 4, 6) available for PUBLIC.

c) Office hour during registration?? OMG really shocked to have this question... open form 9.30 till 5.30 (25-28/09)

d) Price 244-249k

e) No discount, No DIBS - be prepared for the progressive interest.

f) Bumi Allocation = 50%

g) You can send rep. for the registration and balloting (need to prepare IC copy & authorization later)

h) You will need to submit a bank draft (5K) and will be return should you're unsuccessfull during the balloting exercise.

i) Result will be sent via sms on the 01/10 after 2pm

j) Freehold

k) Facing cemetery - north west