Friday, November 29, 2013

Suria Ixora, Setia Alam, Sunsuria

The ultimate success of the previous launch, Suria Raflessia was due to its affordable price. Talking about the build-up, 700 sqt for an apartment is actually quite small than average to accomodate 3 rooms and 2 baths. But the price factor, 250k for an apartment nowadays is almost extinct in Klang Valley except for those tiny shoe boxes concept called SOHO, SOFO, SOXO, SOVO, SOLO, SOGO and POYO.

The next launch Suria Ixora is expected to happen on the 11 Jan 2014.



a) Price for Bumi = 245k
b) Size = 700sf
c) Size of Development = 11.38 acres
d) Total Unit = 460
e) Two Blocks - TOWER A (12 levels) TOWER B (13 levels)
f) Maintenance Fees = RM175

g) Car Park = 2
h) Quota (Bumi 70% Non Bumi 30%)


salfhi said...

Ada bakat rajalawak jgk ni.. Kipidap :-)

dzirhans said...

Yup .. Ada gak Adam Sandler n Jim Carrey x boleh cari makan nanti.

azizi said...

ada pre-launch ke

Akmal Jamalludin said...

The price is after or before discount?

mohd akmal said...

dah cabut undi?