Thursday, February 13, 2014

CRISTA, Elmina By Sime Darby

ELMINA has become one of the most atonishing success stories for Sime Darby. I would anticipate the party would continue at least, until their next launch...the much awaited CRISTA. This is going to be the last series of the double storey link house at ELMINA GARDEN with a price tag less than 1M. The next launches (after CRISTA) will be very huge and wierd land sizes e.g. 90x59, 30x100 etc.

CRISTA is divided into 2 Phases: Phase 1 - 60 units (facing EAST/WEST) and Phase 2 - 64 units (facing SOUTH/NORTH).

It's targetted to be launched sometimes in March/ April this year. 

I have to agree that a good product will always come with a price....tentative price is 888k for Phase 1 with 30 x 69 land size and 2703 sqft build-up.