Wednesday, May 13, 2015

GEO at Bukit Rimau

The past three years have been pretty crazy and the flipping frenzy is finally over this year. There is really nothing more now that I am looking at, other than just stay quiete, relax and concentrate with my routine 9-5 job.

I can humbly said that my target this year would be ZERO for residential purchase or max only for 1 apartment/condo. This is going to be my long term investment, perhaps 5-10 years.

I am currently looking at this condo and would like to buy one (the smallest unit) should the price is right (less than 500 psf).


1. This freehold project location - near to Columbia Asia Bukit Rimau and AEON Big. 

2. 34 Storey Service Apartment, 800+ units.

3. The sizes

a. 715 ft2
b. 870 ft2
c. 920 ft2
d. 1035 ft2
e. 1150 ft2