Sunday, August 30, 2015

Double Storey @ Elmina West - Sime Darby

The last series of Elmina Gardens e.g. Aralia, Clusia are no longer such a desirable houses to buy. I am not talking about their pricy-ness, but purely due to the size of the double storey (not semi-D..) of 30 x 100, which cost more than 1mil. Not really sure the target market but definitely there're buyers out there.

If you're looking at the price range of ~650k at Elmina, you might consider buying a unit at Elmina West. It's planned to be launched early next year.

As mentioned by the SA, they're altogether 650 units with 3 different sizes.

1. RED BOX = 20x60

2. PURPLE BOXES = 20x80

3. BLUE BOX = 20x70